Special Offers

In this page you will find up-to-date offers from us, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or click here to set an appointment now.

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We now have a membership card that will discount our services by 20% every time you visit our exclusive salon! This discount will also apply to any Hair or Body Accessory you purchase!


Wholesale and Retail

  • All kinds of materials for Braiding
  • Hair products
  • Body accessories
  • Make-up for multicultural skin types.

Our Discounts

Corn-rows from 1000 - 3000,-CZK
Braiding from 2000 - 5000,-CZK

Free Manicure or Pedicure over when you spend over 5000,-CZK

Special Promotions

- Free Haircut every last Saturday
- crazy color and style by Martha's choice!
- Learn The African Art of Braiding Hair
- the art handed down thru generations.


Hair Fairs and Hair Shows

We are also looking for companies who would be interested in sponsoring Hair shows and Beauty fares. There is no doubt that our salon will offer the best show in town!!!

  Summer time | Sale up to 50%

  • Braiding Coloring
  • Hair extension
  • Wash &Haircut
  • Corn rows

  2012 Sales from 10% to 50%

  • Braiding Coloring
  • Hair extension
  • Wash & Haircut
  • Corn rows

Feel free to contact us for more details, you can contact Martha personally to discuss deals.